Aiming for Instant

I’ve been inspired again lately. Creating in a variety of new ways. What helped was adapting to the world of today. I stopped trying to create the same ways that I used to. Things are faster now, so we have to keep up.

I’m not waiting for the right time, camera, or computer. I’m not waiting for the right location. I’m creating in the moment, with what I have, with no delay. Basically, I’m aiming for instant.

What I’ve learned: Don’t be the reason there’s roadblocks. Adapt, build, and keep things flowing.

Having a family and a busier life leaves less time to create, so that means the creating needs to happen in quicker burst. Or … even better, create with your family. With your busy life. Use what’s around you as part of the story you’re sharing.

Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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