Aim Higher

I used to write a lot. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared things. I like it more this way now. I prefer to move in silence. But here’s an update for you.

There’s changes that are coming. In all directions of my life. Connecting dots: it’s a beautiful thing. Everything in my life is currently in transition. Preparing for movement in all ways. Freedom has never been so real. I’ve been traveling a lot. Creatively, the clarity is vivid. I’m seeing things differently than before. Ideas are bigger now. Like a lot bigger. The projects are coming in both digital and physical forms now: merch, albums, books, leather, and even living spaces to help others. I’m consulting now, and helping others with project planning. I currently have $88,000 in grant money to help those who qualify for my program. Spirituality, God is moving in so many ways. I fasted for 21 days a few weeks ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. Collectively, I own about 60 items. Extreme minimalism. And even with those 60 items, everything is for sale (I have a private page that shows all these items if you’re interested). Everything must go.

To sum all of this up: As humans, we’re only limited to what we think about. It comes down to what we manifest in our minds. We’re capable of so much more than we’re currently doing.

Aim higher.

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