An Impressive Day For Google


As much as I love Apple, I walked away from Google I/O wanting to use only Google products. Whether I actually switch from Apple is an entirely different story.

To be honest, everything I saw today had absolutely nothing to do with Android, which I hate. It’s Google’s services that blew me away. This was the first time I saw a completely focused Google. They didn’t throw gimmicks and unfinished crap at me (pointing at the Nexus Q).

For three long hours, Google lined up all of their products and services, as if it was a game of poker, and nonchalantly showed their hand.

I could name all the great things I saw during today’s presentation, but you have every tech blog on the internet for that. My excitement is aimed at Google Now.

Google Now is one of the most futuristic things I’ve ever seen in my life. If I was Apple, after seeing this, I’d be concerned about Siri going forward.

If Google Now was an operating system, and that was the only screen available on the device, I’d want it as my primary phone.

One things for sure, this isn’t the old Google that throws spaghetti against the wall, with hopes that something sticks. The old Google walked around the stage with the word Beta on their forehead.

The Google I witnessed today seemed to have a laser sharp focus, and it doesn’t matter what company you’re rooting for, today’s presentation should give you confidence in our future.<