Andrew Kim on the Apple Watch

Andrew Kim:

There have been many smart watches predating the Apple Watch, but this is the first one worthy of being called a watch”. It’s built with the precision and craftsmanship comparable to products an order of magnitude more expensive. It’s a true expression of what Apple’s best at - great hardware. The Apple Watch is made from sapphire, stainless steel, and ceramic, all of which really make it a beautiful object to behold. If you’re in the market for one, I’d recommend the stainless steel watch; the aluminum sport model is a disappointment, with an unappealing finish that comes off feeling a bit cheap and unrefined. Where the Apple Watch becomes more difficult to judge is in its functionality. Just like the first generation iPhone and iPads, it’s too early to make any concrete conclusions about its validity as a product. If you live in an Apple ecosystem though, I think you’ll largely enjoy having the Watch on your wrist. It’s not something I’d call a must-buy just yet, but if you get one out of curiosity, you won’t be disappointed. Personally, having notifications, alerts and fitness tracking on my wrist is enough of a reason for me to charge this thing every night. It’s easy to be skeptical and negative about the Apple Watch but once you use it, you won’t want to take it off. It grows on you. Slowly, but it will.

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