Anonymous review:

f=“ target=“_blank”>The Art of Storytelling wasn’t meant to happen. It was a group of leftover songs that were, at times, too intense and exhausting to put on the album it was originally intended for.

To my surprise, I woke up to a review that was as pure and visual as the album itself. If this album was a book, you’d see some of these sentences on the back cover.

Dear anonymous, I appreciate your words more than you know.

Finally got a chance to listen to The Art of Storytelling… man… I’m trying to find the right words… (I just stared at a blinking cursor for 5 minutes)….

Let’s see… well, first of all I can see why I felt like I couldn’t listen to it when you first sent it to me. I pressed play and just couldn’t really LISTEN… (too much noise and chaos in my house at the time) That’s the thing though… this song needs undivided attention.

Now that I’ve had a chance to check it out, it’s a lot to process. I feel like I just spent a significant amount of time inside of your brain. There’s a lot going on up there in Nash P’s head. Everything in this song seems very personal. I’m not sure if I felt like I was listening to an old friend that I haven’t seen in years or if I was maybe feeling like I was more of a listener” type of role… I mean like we were in therapy or something.

Let me elaborate on the therapy thing… It was like you were unloading. Your self-awareness is very evident… I felt like I was listening to you analyze your personal relationships/friendships… and at times, it was emotionally draining. Particularly your need to prove yourself to people. Being an artist in a world that’s so saturated with art” will do that to an artist. So much of this art” is crammed down society’s throat that it’s hard to get people to take a second glace.

For you though, it doesn’t seem like you’re only trying to prove yourself as an artist… it seems like you also struggle to prove yourself as a person. Though you talk about leaving things/people behind, you are very present in your feelings for them. You must think a lot about the way you make people feel and vice versa. You care… A lot. People like you need to honor your past, not try to forget it. Your sensitivity is obviously a cornerstone to who you are at your core.

Now, with that being said, while it’s good that you are so in tuned to this, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to pick everything apart. Maybe that’s part of your creative process, but this song made me feel like shaking you. Like, put down the pen and paper and close your mind for a few before you go nuts! I don’t mean that… I’m just saying this was a lot for me to process, so I can’t imagine the beating YOUR soul took to think about and record all of these feelings.? #madscientist?