Anticipating Kendrick’s Album (A Few Hours Away)

We’re a few hours away from Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album. There has been very little information about it so far: no album name or cover, and there’s even speculation on whether it’ll actually come out on April 7th, since there hasn’t been much press for it, but I’m very confident that it’ll be here tomorrow. All signs are pointing to a quiet, but strategic and aggressive release for his fourth album.

The Heart 4 was a song released recently, as his first song in over a year. It won’t be on the album, but it was his way of preparing the fans for the upcoming release (that’s where he announced the date)—and soon afterwards, the first single/video from the album was released, titled Humble. It’s not one of my favorite songs from him, but it could easily be my favorite video. The song has a catchy beat and hook, but the lyrics are too simple for my taste.

I predict that this song has very little to do with the album as a whole, and could even be hidden behind another song somewheres on the album. Looking at the last two albums, the first song released for those albums were Swimming Pools and i, and even though both songs are better than Humble, neither of those songs had a huge impact on the album (two ambivalent songs). With that being said, I’m not judging what the album will be based simply off of the first song released. It’s just a small piece to the overall puzzle, and if this album is anything like the previous ones, there will dozens and dozens of puzzle pieces.

The calm before the storm is happening. There’s silence around the world right now. Not many people are talking about the upcoming release that’s just a few hours away—but after it’s released, it’ll take over the news cycle, social media, and message boards. I find that fascinating.

I’ve heard that theme of the album will be about God”, and if that’s the case, and it’s executed properly, the weight of that concept can be huge. We’ll find out soon.

Update: only pre-orders went up today, unfortunately. The official release date is a week from now, April 14th.

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