Apple News+ and My Love for Magazines

I just subscribed to Apple One, which gives you all of the great services Apple offers, for one bundled price.

I’ve been enjoying Music, TV, Arcade and iCloud storage, for a long time now—but what’s new to me, that I’ve really enjoyed, is News+. More importantly, the magazines. Every magazine that you’d normally see at a store is now available inside the News app.

As a kid I remember going to the store with my mom, and as she shopped, I’d read all the magazines while waiting for her. This brings me back to those moments. I feel like I’m back at those stores, with an endless world of information. Before these social networks and internet, and before news was such a throwaway item. Back when news didn’t feel like noise.

Magazines represent something more refreshing than what we currently have. All the cool pictures, designs, and writing that feels much bigger than the current moment. This writing is meant to last longer than a newspaper does. These magazines slow down time for me.

Highlights from my Kindle