Art at the Park

I’d like to announce my new small group for the summer. I’ll be calling this group Art At The Park, and I’ll be co-leading it with my friend, Chip. It’s only 6 weeks long, which makes this the perfect gathering for you and your family to join, without feeling like your committing to something that’ll never end.

Chip summed it up well:

This group is designed around fellowship, creativity, and sports. This is a combination of two past small groups; Creative Minds’ and BBQ and Basketball’. All sports enthusiast, artists, musicians, poets, writers, and anyone who has a creative spark, are encouraged to join and come showcase and/or perform their work. This is very family oriented, and we encourage all families to come out and join us for an afternoon of faith, family and fellowship.

If you like to have fun, you’re qualified. Join the Facebook group.

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