Go Backwards

Moving Forward Isn’t Always the Best Option. Sometimes, Go Backwards.

Money: Don’t Make More. Spend Less.

Get rid of your car. Get rid of your cable. Walk. Ride a bike. Just watch Netflix. Or just YouTube. Look at every dollar you spend, and rethink your lifestyle around it.

Possessions: Find Your Favorites. Donate the Rest.

Shirts. Shoes. Pants. Furniture. If you don’t love it. You don’t need it. Someone else does. Look around and only own the things that excite you. Get rid of the rest.

Time: Don’t Be Productive. Just Be.

What’s better than accomplishing all your dreams? Being still and living the dream now. Right where you are: in your home, at your job, in your skin. The time you have today is so much better than the one you’re fantasizing about. Use this time to do less and love your current situation.

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