Bad Seasons

This last week has been a blur. I was in bed sick 99% of the time. The weeks before that were a blur because of holiday retail, and the busyness that comes with the position. The weeks before that was a month-long break from blogging and Facebook, which left me agitated the entire time.

It’s all a build-up. One moment to the next. Momentum, but in the opposite direction.

Bad seasons don’t notify and prepare you when they’re on the way, which makes them hard to withstand. It starts as just a bad moment, and then a bad day, bad week—and before we realize that the funk has been around a little longer than expected, it’s too late: we’re waiting on that season to pass.

With that being said: that season is over. Today is a beautiful day. The cough is gone. The writing is back. Leon Bridges is playing through the apartment. And I just made a strawberry smoothie.


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