I’m a Barista

I’m a barista: for this weekend’s Women’s Conference, as well as church services throughout the month. It’s a simple job (just keep the coffee flowing), but it’s rewarding on many levels: I like coffee, so I’m around coffee. Other people like coffee, so I’m helping them out. I’m also getting to serve the church. And then one of my favorites, is the community and conversations that come with the job. When you’re the guy making the coffee, you’re the guy they talk to as they’re getting the coffee. So many conversations. So much positive energy.

One day, within the next few years, I plan on opening my own coffee shop. Serving in the cafe at the church is preparing me for that moment. And that’s how dots connect: if you have a dream that seems so far away, find something simple that’s similar, that you can do right now. Visualize that goal or dream as a mountain far off into the distance. There will be paths and decisions to make. Forks in the road. Which direction will bring you closer to your mountain? That’s how we should live on a daily basis.

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