Breakthrough, Breakdown, Action


The last few days have been transformative for me. Everything finally started to click on all creative levels. The valve was broken and ideas started pouring out. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

The music ideas was flowing in for me to record tracks again. I recorded 12 songs in less than a week. The videos were being made in less than an hour, releasing nearly one a day. Blog posts followed, breaking down each of one of these processes that I mentioned. It felt incredible.


But through all this, one thing started happening:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Doubt
  • Silence from others
  • Rejection
  • Worry

In my mind, breakthroughs were happening. For everyone else, it was just another Tuesday afternoon. For whatever odd reason, this does something to a person.

When the ideas start pouring in, you expect the energy in the room to completely change, but that’s the furthest thing from happening. The truth is, the room never changes. People are still going on with their lives. They’re busy. They have their own breakthroughs they’re working towards. Your big idea. Your special little plans aren’t that big, UNTIL they become action.


Don’t just have a plan. Take action on that plan. Don’t tell anyone. Just create. Put it out into the world.

When these creative breakthroughs happen, you want to scream from a mountaintop, and you want thousands of others to scream back in agreement. But all you’ll hear is echoes from miles away. In that moment, keep building. Keep bringing action. If you’re waiting for the crowd, you’re not building. If you hear silence, use that silence to build more.

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