Raising Money for Bolivia

In July, Cross Church will be traveling to Bolivia (one of the poorest countries in South America) to build a church from the ground up, and my plan is to join them. The amount needed per person is $2,300 (flight expenses, hotel room, food, insurance, visa, etc.). This mission trip is something I consider extremely important—not just for myself, but for every life that’ll be impacted during the process. Mission trips mean everything to me, and it’ll be a core focus of mine going forward. This is just the beginning.

Pastor Brandon always tells us, when he’s discussing one of his visions, that he has audacious faith”. I never knew what that meant until now. This is the biggest challenge I’ve ever set for myself, and it’s the most I’ve ever asked from my readers. The goal to raise $2,300 sounds crazy, but I didn’t build this site to be mediocre. I believe, with all the stories I’ve written over the past decade, that I’ve surrounded myself with people that want to change the world, and that mission starts now.

This is a video recap of last year’s trip to Bolivia.


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