Music to Help You Focus, Relax, or Sleep

A Personal Movie Score for Your Life.

Currently at Starbucks, working on several projects. I have my AirPods in, with a coffee next to me, and my water bottle behind it. I have a book (Everybody Always) right next to the iPad Pro. This is my remote work station. The one thing that isn’t seen is what’s allowing all of these things to happen at once.

What Is

It’s a little app/service called I use it a lot, especially when it’s really time to focus.

We use our patented AI music engine and scientific research to create music to help you improve the activities you already do in 15 minutes or less.

Consider it the sound of progress: as I create, the momentum follows. There’s also options to do the opposite: help you sleep or calm your anxiety. I even use the ambient one when I’m just relaxing and wants some type of background noise. It’s a personal movie score for your life.

Update (8/24/19)

You’ve heard me talk about several times on here, but I can’t stress enough how much of an impact it’s having on me. (“Our science-first approach creates music that sounds different–and affects your brain differently–than any other music.”) It’s becoming something I listen to all day now. I wake up, put my AirPods in, and press play. Right now, I’m listening to something soothing and sounds like music you’d hear during an unguided meditation. I have the time limit set for infinite. Other times, when I’m trying to focus, I’m listening something that sounds like a movie score. The technology that uses does something to my brain. I’m much calmer, much more focused, and a better person when listening. It’s the soundtrack to my days now

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