Dear Casey (Introduction to the iPhone)

Dear Casey,

Welcome to iPhone. You and your iPhone 7 Plus will look great together. I know this is scary for you, I know you’ve only had Android and Notes, and now they’re exploding and you’ve had enough! I’m proud of you, Casey. I won’t say mean things and mock you for switching. I’m your friend, and as your friend, I’ll do my best to help you through this tough transition in your life.

This started as just a post for you, but it grew into something much bigger. It turned into an iOS App Guide for my site. I figure more people than just you might need this. I’ve tried hundreds and hundreds of apps, just so you won’t need to. I’ve done all the hard work, so now, with this guide, you’ll choose the best apps that fit your needs, with a link sending you directly into the App Store, and leaving you with only one button to press before it’s downloaded onto your shiny new phone.

Here’s the link.

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