The Castle

I was just a kid in a castle back then. Distant memories from 20 years ago, when I lived on the other side of the water. The big water. The bridge that never ended. Far, far away from my normal life.

As I revisit those memories, it brings me back to a school that I can barely remember. After school is what comes to mind. I would walk from school, to the nearby park, where cars and people were wrapped around the court, surrounding us and watching us play basketball for hours.

I’m reminded of the little video game store not too far from that park. I would walk there when it got late, and I would rent Pokémon Snap for me and my little brother to take turns playing later that night. I would then walk to the Chinese restaurant around the corner, where my mom worked. I would eat dinner and wait for her to finish her shift.

This all feels like a lifetime ago. A bunch of little memories that I barely remember. They seem so far away that they could’ve easily happened to someone else. Today, though, I took a journey to my past, to search for the mementos that brought me back to those moments. To find closure. To find peace. To remember.

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