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Most people have no clue what podcast are. Even though they’re becoming more popular, they’re still something I have to explain to those who ask what I’m listening to. A podcast: a talk show. A conversation about a topic that I’m interested in. I prefer listening to these over music.

My favorite podcasting app is Castro. This app is for the casual listener, someone like myself, who doesn’t like tinkering with settings and micromanaging the details. My favorite Castro feature is it’s lack of features.

Each day I have several podcast waiting for me to listen to, and even though I’m subscribed to that particular podcast, I’m not necessarily interested in each one; not every show discusses something I care about. And with Castro, it’s never been easier to manage: when I read the show notes to see what that episode is about, I decide then if I’ll make time for that episode or not. And if I decide not to, I swipe left and it removes it from my list of episodes, keeping my playlist organized.

I highly recommend this app.