Clippers in the Playoffs (Summary and Hopes)

We’re a few days away from the NBA playoffs. The Clippers had a weird year: starting off with the best record in the NBA at 12-2, and then injuries started happening, between Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. The team sputtered and lost their identity during for most of the season, and it took much longer than I thought it would for them to get it back—so much so that I started assuming that they’d lost their identity for good. Until recently.

The last five games have been very impressive, as the Clips are getting hot at the right time. Going into this weekend, I couldn’t ask for anything more than what I’m seeing: Chris Paul is being very aggressive, looking to score, and looks as fast as he’s looked in years. And Blake Griffin is looking to score near the rim more, instead of settling for a long-distance shot.

The Clippers play the Jazz in round one, and even though they won’t be a push-over, I expect to advance past them, while getting in rhythm and gaining momentum for the rest of the playoffs.

I Hope

These are just a few thoughts. I look forward to seeing it all play out.

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