Clippers beat Spurs in Texas 102-96 — Here comes game 7!

John Raffo:

Dogs are sleeping with cats, down is up, white is black, and home court in the playoffs means absolutely nothing. In another classic western conference bash, the Clips score a huge game six victory on the enemy court.

We did it! We survived game 6. My anxiety was all messed up afterwards, but we did it. Now it’s time for game 7. I can’t take many more games like these though. Feels like I’m gonna have a heart attack after each one.

Saturday night will be a night I’ll never forget. Clippers/Spurs (two teams that shouldn’t be playing each other in Round 1) will be finishing this insane series with a game 7. Neither of these teams deserve to go home this early.

And then the main event: Mayweather and Pacquiao are finally facing each other. It still feels weird to say that. Won’t believe it until I see them in the ring together.

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