Mavericks @ Clippers: Deandre’s Other Team (10.29.15)

Second game of the season, and one with the big storyline from the offseason, Deandre Jordan faces the team he turned his back on: the Dallas Mavericks.

Justin Russo:

Things got testy there for a little bit of time, but the Clippers ultimately used their superior skill and health to distance themselves from the Mavericks. They’re now 2-0.

The first half of the game was horrible shooting from both teams. Actually, the entire game felt sloppy.

Doc took the leash off of Jamal Crawford in the first half and let him run the offense. It appeared to be 1 on 5 most plays, and yet Crawford found ways to score and awe the crowd. (13 of his 15 points came in the first half.)

Two games in and I haven’t seen a player on either of the opposing teams that’s anywhere close to Griffin in terms of talent and dominance. He finished tonight’s game 11/17 with 26 points.

The Clippers were very unselfish tonight. So many easy buckets from sharing the ball. That’s a result of all this new depth. The bench—Rivers, Crawford, Johnson, Pierce, and Smith—could be a starting five in this league.

The Mavs were missing 3 of their 5 starters: D. Will, Wes Mathews, and Chandler Parsons. This wasn’t a fair fight.

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