Clippers @ Warriors: losing to the champs (11-4-15)

This game definitely lived up to the hype, it was just too bad that my team was the one to lose. The way the Warriors have been playing though, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

The game had so many lead changes, and both teams looked to have control several times. Both Paul and Curry spent almost a full quarter on the bench due to foul trouble.

In the first half the bench put us in a hole, but in the second half, the bench pulled us out of one. In the first half, Paul had 20 points, but ended the game with only 24.

I took many notes for this game, but I won’t be using any of them. Instead of using anything I wrote in the moment, I decided to just think about the game for 24 hours and then write about everything I remembered. That’s this post.

Overall, the game was exciting for both teams, and everyone that watched definitely got their money’s worth. But I’ll remember this game as a missed opportunity by the Clippers, who appeared to be undisciplined for many key moments of the game: from the amount of turnovers to the defensive mistakes (pointing to the many times DeAndre Jordan didn’t step up on the pick to prevent Curry from shooting that three ball. Everyone in that arena knew he was going to shoot from behind the arc, not sure why Jordan was guarding him for the drive).

Next game is Saturday against the Rockets.

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