J Cole on The Combat Jack Show

Just spent the morning listening to this episode. It was 2 hours long, filled with so much knowledge and gems. You can hear the growth of person that’s the same age as me. He reflects on life, music, and countless of other topics. It was truly a pleasure to hear this.

J. Cole details the inspiration behind 2014 Forest Hills Drive’, his battle with expectations, wanting to sign Kendrick Lamar when they first met and his thoughts regarding the shots-ridden Control” verse. Cole also talks the hip hop culture shift that inspired Fire Squad”, consciously staying out of Drake’s lane while creating his own, what happened that eventful night with Diddy, visiting Ferguson, his new outlook on life and how he became a voice of his generation.


For those that might’ve missed, here’s my review on Cole’s new album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

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