Covenant 2.0 (Cross Church Notes: 9/11/16-9/25/16)

I’ll be starting a new series on my site, titled Cross Church Notes. Every month, Pastor Brandon has a new series that covers a specific topic. I’ll have one post each month, covering that topic, and I’ll update it after each service. Above the notes, I’ll try my best to share my thoughts on what I’ve learned from it, and how it relates to my life. This will help me think through what I’ve learned.

Thoughts On This Series

I spent the last three weeks learning more about covenant. I went through Covenant 1.0 last year with Pastor Brandon, and this year is just as good, if not better. The word covenant was brand new to me the first time I heard it, but many of the points Pastor Brandon spoke about hit home for me.

I’ve always talked about how I wish relationships weren’t so easy to get out of, and how when things get tough, that doesn’t mean it’s time to bail—if anything, it means get closer.

Covenant is saying I’m willing to be unhappy while we work it out. Covenant people make the person more important than the issue.

This series has also taught me how get closer with my family, and how to not keep score of when they mess up. Everyone’s family has problems, not just mine. No matter where the past brought us, starting today, we can build a healthier life together and grow closer.

Notes on Covenant 2.0: 1 of 3 (9/11/16)


If we could redefine our relationship on God’s terms, then our relationships would work.

When a relationship is in crisis, that’s not the time to bail.

What is the most important commandment:

The change that I need in my relationship starts with me.

What if we looked at relationships like they were blood instead of looking at them like they are disposable based on convenience.

What is covenant?

Notes on Covenant 2.0: 2 of 3 (9/18/16)


Don’t drop the ball.

The sign that God recognizes for the marriage is covenant sex.

Don’t sell out your covenant for temporary pleasure.

How do I have covenant communication?

Notes on Covenant 2.0: 3 of 3 (09/25/16)


On Family:

Keys for covenant parents:

Every child needs a place where failure does not mean abandonment.

Being a Covenant Kid:


Embarrassing things from our parents: 

They were cool before they had you.”

Being a Covenant Person:

That’s not fair to that person. They’re not designed to fill all of those needs. Two broke people coming together, working on their own issues.

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