Creative Minds Small Group

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In the past week, I’ve had a few stimulating conversations with some friends from church. The conversations were about music, and the creative process that goes into writing and recording songs. Each time we talked were as powerful as a quick 30 minute conversation could possibly be. They were inspiring, uplifting, and left me with a sense of purpose and confidence. The latest song I released was all because of the talk I had with these guys an hour before uploading it. I would’ve held onto that song much longer if it wasn’t for them, but when I drove away, I felt the urge to share something with the world. And that’s what I want to feel all the time. That’s also what I want others to feel: a confidence that their ideas matter.

So I’m taking what I experienced this week and recreating it weekly. Starting in the fall, with the help from a few friends, I’ll be launching Creative Minds Small Group on Saturday nights. It’ll be for other like-minded people, who feel creativity pouring out of them, but have no one to share it with. Or maybe they have someone to share it with, but are scared to do so. They might not feel like their ideas are worthy of even being shared. It’ll also be for those who are new to creating and are looking for guidance to get to that next level.

That’s the cool thing about being creative: none of us know what we’re doing. We’re all just winging it. And it could be scary for someone who has all these random ideas with no outlet. I’m hoping to change that.