Cross Church Notes: April 17, 2022

God of Miracles

Scars tell the whole story. All of us carry scars. Scars are not a sign of tragedy. Scars are a sign of triumph. The scars tell a story of freedom and hope. Don’t be defined by your scars. Be defined by Jesus.


  • Luke 24:10-12
  • Luke 24:14-16
  • Isaiah 54:14
  • Isaiah 50:6
  • Luke 24:17-19
  • Luke: 24:30-32
  • Luke: 24:36-41
  • John 20:24-29

What Did the Scars Show?

  1. The scars showed where He had been.
  2. The scars showed what God had done.
  3. The scars show what God will do.

Through your pain, God’s been right there the whole time.

Everything in your life will change when you invite Jesus in.

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