Cross Church Notes: Christmas At The Movies (Weeks 1-4)

Home Alone (Week 1 - 11/27/16)

The most common emotional pain in our society is loneliness. We were never created to go through life alone.

Fill our lives with relationships. You were designed for relationships.

Dealing with loneliness and rejection

  1. Minimize the hurt. (One of the most freeing things you can do is forgive and let God settle the score.)
  2. Recognize God’s presence. (Matthew 1:23, Hebrews 13:5)
  3. Emphasize other’s needs.

How can I apply this to my life

The Grinch (Week 2 - 12/4/16)

Just because you were dropped doesn’t mean you have to stay damaged.

If we allow it to, it is our pain that will steal Christmas.

We want god to deliver us from pain, but more often he delivers us through pain.” —Sam Chand

We have to decide whether the scars define and confine us, or if they will tell the story of triumph through adversity.

Steps to be free from pain

  1. Listen to the voice of the king.
  2. Let go of the past.
  3. Stop focusing on our inability.

The provision of the king always cover where we lack.

You may have been dropped, but you have not been discarded.

Steps to move forward

  1. Answer the voice of the king.
  2. Forgive.
  3. Accept God’s healing.
  4. Help others.

Elf (Week 3 - 12/11/16)

The greatest purpose of life

When you know God, you will really want others to know him.

God wants people of motion, not just a people who go through the motions. Religion goes through the motions while a relationship moves us to motion.

Three things we must know about God (Acts 17)

Things that prevent us from knowing God

The Polar Express (Week 4 - 12/18/16)

We all face doubts.

Unbelief can delay, detour, and destroy your destiny to God.

The question is how do we respond to our doubts?

Three Categories of Doubt

  1. Intellectual doubts
  2. Spiritual doubts
  3. Circumstantial doubts

Moving Beyond Your Doubt

  1. Admit your doubts and ask for help.
  2. Don’t be afraid to borrow some faith.
  3. Act on your faith, not your fear.
  4. Doubt your doubts, not your faith.
  5. Keep going back to what you know to be true.

Broken Wisemen