Cross Church Notes: Deeper Service (02/02/17)

(Here’s the audio track of the service.)

If you want to get to the promise of God for your life, you’re going to have to deal with the sin in your life.

We hinder the power of God because of our sin but also because of our lack of expectancy.

Where is your child-like faith?

A God of the impossible, that’s what he specializes in.

You are in the inside of a miracle.

When people speak against you, don’t let your knees buckle.

Crossing the Jordan is just the beginning. You still have to conquer the enemy and possess the land.

To possess the promise god has for you, you have to trust Him to do the impossible, and you have to to be willing to fight for it.

If these stones could speak, they would say:

  1. Remember what God has done for you.
  2. Tell the next generation.
  3. Let your life be living stones.

Your miracle is not in your past, it’s in your future.

The enemy operates through complacency and through fear, so he wants to terrify you and paralyze you when God is trying to do something new.

When you’re longing for time, that’s often a representation that something is lagging behind in your heart and walk. You’re not running at the speed of his purpose for you.

If you keep longing for the same, you’ll miss what he’s doing now.

There’s a different kind of peace when you’re in the will of God.

You have to know your purpose in each season.

Some rocks are to be forgotten, some rocks are to be remembered, but none were made to hide behind.

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