Cross Church Notes: Deeper Service (12/1/16)

Do you really want everything that God has for you?

2 Kings 4:8

  1. Sometimes the greatest poverty comes from the midst of profitability.
  2. Ministries only function to the level of its perception.
  3. We see the principle of sowing and reaping in affect.
  4. It’s easy for the needs of a person to be overlooked when their poverty cannot be seen.
  5. She was an Everything is cool” kind of lady.
  6. She never spoke her need because she had adapted to her poverty.
  7. Admitting our need makes us vulnerable.
  8. Stop saying no!
  9. The place where she served and gave made room for a miracle.
  10. There are people that are close to you that will not understand your fight.
  11. When you recognize your source, you can bring the problems back to the source.
  12. Should’ve let sleeping dogs lie.


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