Cross Church Notes: God of the Underdogs

Week 1

You have permission to believe it’s you that God wants to use in a big way.”

5 things we can learn from David:

  1. God wants to do something new in our lives.
  2. New things always come with fear. If you are waiting for all the stars to align before you step out for God, you’re going to miss it.”
  3. God’s plan always look different than our plan.
  4. There will always be non-believers on the path to our dreams. You have permission to break the curse and begin a new today.” God’s not looking for the obvious choice. He’s looking for you.”
  5. God always chooses an underdog to change the world.

When your promise is bigger than your problems, you will chase your giants.

Week 3

Changing Labels

Every one of us have labels that have been put on us.

Nothing he could do in the natural could shake this label.

Week 4

God uses and believes in underdogs.

3 insecurities Moses faced:

Fear must be faced: Isaiah 41:10