Cross Church Notes: Lift Up Your Eyes

Week 1

Why were we created:

  1. We were created for God’s pleasure and to worship God.
  2. We were created to carry God’s glory.
  3. We were created to work.

What does worship look like:

  1. I worship through how I live.
  2. I worship in how I work.
  3. I worship in how I serve.

Worship is not just a song. It’s a lifestyle.

Serving is not about deserving.

Week 2

Are we just going through the motions?

When worship is who I am:

  1. I am humbled and satisfied.
  2. I find peace from my chaos.
  3. I find direction in the wilderness.
  4. I am fearless.
  5. I find provision, protection, and abundance.
  6. I am pursued by His goodness and mercy.

Week 3

Why do we worship:

  1. Workshop positions us properly.
  2. Worship changes our perspective.
  3. Worship brings us closer to God.
  4. Worship is not just what we do; it’s a weapon we wield.
  5. Worship changes things.

What’s the posture of worship:

  1. Kneeling
  2. Standing
  3. Lying prostrate/bowing down
  4. Bowing head
  5. Lifting hands
  6. Dancing

How do I step into God’s presence:

  1. Start with repentance
  2. Clear my mind

Week 4

Salvation worship

Who’s at your table for the great banquet?

Who should we invite to our stable for the great banquet?

How do I invite?

What are you scared of? We live in a world of fear and intimidation.

I’m Nash. I create things.