Curiosity: A Contextual Wikipedia Reader

Jake Underwood:

Billed as the easiest way to discover and learn about the world around you,” Curiosity is a Wikipedia reader for the — well — curious.

This was an instant purchase for me. I rarely use Wikipedia, but with this app, that’ll change. Opening the app gives me location base Wikipedia pages: where I’m sitting currently shows me two high schools and a nearby plantation.

The next tab, Popular, shows me the current 10 most popular Wikipedia pages. Such a valuable way to stay up to date with what the world is interested in.

The best part about this app is that at any time, pulling down the app allows me to search across Wikipedia for whatever I’m looking for. (Or iPhone 6s users can 3D Touch the app icon to search, an even quicker way to search.)

$1.99 in the App Store

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