Dad’s Jacket

It was almost two years ago when I dropped my dad off in Texas to serve his time. We hugged and told each other bye as if he was going to work and I’d see him later. (It’ll be many years before I see him again.)

When I arrived back at home, his black leather jacket was still hung over the kitchen chair. I decided to leave it there, so when I’d walk into the kitchen, I’d think of him.

Months and months passed, and then a year, and that jacket was still there. A few times I even passed it and talked to it: What’s up Dad.”

But when I woke up this morning, I sent him a message, letting him know that his jacket is about to be donated to someone who needs it much more than we do.

As sentimental as the jacket is, it’s not doing us any good by just hanging around the house as a memory. The jacket mission we’re doing is the perfect time to part ways with it, get closure, and help someone in need.

If you have a jacket that isn’t being used—no matter what you’re holding onto it for—let it go. You don’t need it as much as you think do.

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