Building a Family Dashboard

It’s simple. It’s the app we use on a daily basis to jot things down. But we hardly use it to plan our lives. Especially our family’s lives.

This morning, my wife and I sat down at a coffee shop, with both of of our phones in front of us, looking at the same shared note: Family Dashboard . This one is for April.

Family Dashboard is a central place for all things pertaining to our lives. Whether it’s our schedule, tasks around the house, upcoming bills, or even creative projects.

As you can see from the middle screenshot, I scanned (through the app) my work schedule for the next week. An easy way to see when I’ll be available.

You’ll also see a Thankful List: a place to remind us that there’s still good things happening around us.

This list can grow into as big or small as you want it to be. The best part is that it’s shared amongst the two of you. Sitting down together brainstorming and sharing what’s on your heart, then adding it to the dashboard, allows each of you to assist each other on the goals for that month.

Give it a try. See if it brings value to your family.

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