Dear Friend: Part 1

I Have a New Idea That I’d Like to Start Doing: Writing to a Friend, Publicly, and Anonymously. Here’s the First Attempt.

Dear friend,

I wanted to write you this morning. And thank you. For everything you’ve done for me throughout this last decade. It’s little things. Little moments. Not the big ones. The way you chase an idea down instantly and don’t plan it out. I’m the planner. You just execute and deal with the lack of planning later. The way you build relationships. The way you always present a level of energy that can motivate an entire room. Whether you’re nervous about that energy or not, you bring it, and it captures the hearts and minds of those around you. There’s many ideas that you’ve had, that come and go, but through it all, they all point back to the identity of you. So it doesn’t matter what idea is presented this season, they aren’t too far away from any of the other ones, because they’re all a layer of you and your heart. There’s passion there. And a feeling of something bigger than yourself. Something bigger than your city. Bigger than your peers. You have a vision that is unmatched amongst those around you.

With ego aside, you’ve found creative ways to make an impact. Sometimes ego and pride can take over, and we forget that it’s not about us. Through this last decade, we’ve both struggled with this, but I believe where we both are right now, we see what needs to be done: make an impact on our community. Whether our face is in front or not, the impact is much greater than us. And when we began to realize that, the more we become selfless, the more we reap the fruit of success and awareness of our purpose. That’s when things started falling into place even more. Our perspective on life, we have that in common in a lot of ways. I believe we’ve both rubbed off on each other: we each have our own gifts and talents, and I can see my gifts in you, and I can now see your gifts in me. That’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve seen your walk. I’ve seen where you’ve come from. I’ve seen you at your lowest and highest. I’ve seen you succeed. I’ve seen you succeed and not sustain that success. I’ve also seen you transition from one thing to the next, and each transition has brought new layers of accomplishments. You have a hunger to never lose. You have a hunger to continue to be on fire through whatever this season brings. It’s amazing to see, and so many people could learn how to take an idea and just execute. No excuses. Just find a way to build on that idea. There’s not too many people I know personally that have that ability. And that’s so unfortunate. The world needs more people like you. That’s not afraid to chase something. That’s not afraid to be uncomfortable. That’s not afraid to scream as loud as possible in a public environment, capturing the attention of everyone around. It’s weird. But it works. It sums up the energy and perspective that you have for this world. It’s a glimpse into the mind of someone that is ready to break out of his shell. Break out of the norm. Break out of whatever it is that tells us that We can’t do that.” That scream is a statement, that simply says, Watch me.”

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for the person you are to those around you. Thank you for being the son, the father and the husband that you are. Continue being a light for this world. You’re allowing others to see in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Be the light,


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