Dear Future Wife, by Rocky Angelette

Nash’s Note: This is week 5 of my guest post series, and Rocky Angelette will be the one sharing today. He has this interesting project he’s working on, where he publicly writes letters to his future wife. Some are light-hearted and funny, while some are serious and intense.

I admire this project from him, because some of my best writing is usually the ones shared privately in a letter. So the fact that Rocky is sharing these letters publicly, about someone he hasn’t even met yet, is really fascinating.

Hello, my name is Rocky Angelette, and I just want to express how honored I am to have a guest post spot on Nash’s website. It’s such a privilege.

So about a year ago, I wrote on Facebook a post that was addressed to my future wife that I titled…well, Dear Future Wife”. It was truly just to be goofy and I never really had any grand agenda when I started to write these post addressed to my future partner. However, after a couple of these post, it seemed to have a pretty decent response, and they kind of took off with a persistent fan” base.

Now, through these posts, I have been able share my heart to my future wife and show my vision on what I want our future covenant to one another look like. Some have been intimate and heartfelt, while others have been down right silly and random. I am a Christian man, so because of my faith and relationship with Jesus, I feel like I have to emphasize these desired compatibilities with my future wife. Whoever she may be. So again, with no agenda, I still proceed to post these out of lighthearted fun.

They have also been a gateway to share my faith on what I feel a real man should look like in the context of marriage, and/or what a woman should strive to search for when looking for a husband. I don’t make these statements as if I have already attained it, but I press on to reach the vision that God has given me on what a true man/husband of God should look like. It’s a journey that leads to a destination that I can only hope and pray that I’ll reach during my communion along side my Lord and Savior.

So without further ado, here is a sample of what one of my Dear Future Wife” post look like. I hope you enjoy it!

Dear Future Wife

So I’m sure by now you have noticed that the expiration dates on food products have gone from an expiration’ date to a best by’ date. Now I’m assuming that what made them change their minds on the wording is that people would most often automatically throw the product straight into the garbage the day it went past its expiration’ date. Now, with this new best by’ date, people will give it a few more days, possibly a week, before throwing it by giving it a good whiff before deciding whether or not to consume the product or to dispose of it.

Sweetie, I’ve got to be honest with you. Even prior to these best by’ dates I was taking a whiff of everything before I threw it out to waste. Especially milk! That was the easiest one to check. I would open the gallon jug, take a good sniff and make my judgment from there. However, if it had somewhat of a sour smell I still didn’t give up on that lovely dairy liquid! I’d pour it in a glass and then take another whiff because I was convinced that the sour and rancid smell was more than likely the dried up milk on the rim of the jug. So if at this point it didn’t smell sour, I was having a glass of milk with some cookies. I say all of this because when it comes to food, it doesn’t have to be in its best possible condition in order for me to enjoy and appreciate it. I’ll settle for a so-so box of Mac and Cheese or slightly stale potato chips.

I will also say this in the context of our relationship. I’ll accept you even when you aren’t necessarily your best because just like the food, I’m just blessed to have you in my life. You know, some days I won’t be at my best neither, but I’m not going to want you to throw me out just because I’m having a soury, stale day. I would want you to show me grace just as I’m sure you’d want me to show you some grace on our less desired days. I know that we won’t always be in the best condition in our lives but I want a love that won’t expire” or a love that’s not conditional for when we aren’t at out best”. I’m convinced that if we are hungry enough, a decent day will do just fine and satisfaction and appreciation can be found.

Remember our Lord and Savior died on the cross for us when we were at our worst; when we were sinners. So why should you expect anything less than my best, when you are sometimes at your worst? I want a love like that.

Love Your Future Husband,


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