Dear Sariyah

Two days isn’t long enough. I miss you already. You live in Texas now, and you’re growing so fast. Through FaceTime, and through our hangouts when you come down to visit, or when I go there — those little brief moments. A week. A few days. It all goes by so fast.

I just want you to know me. Know my love. My heart. To know that I’m Paran”, or Uncle Nash”. Whichever one you wanna call me. To know that when you see me, it’s time to smile and have fun and show me something cool, like a new toy, or a show you’re watching.

You moved to Texas, and you watched your mom give a tour of the apartment so many times through FaceTime. When I’d FaceTime you, you followed her routine: you’d take the phone, I’d see only your forehead, and you’d go on a journey, and you’d FaceTime all the way upstairs, just to show me your room and your bed. I’ll always remember that.

I can’t stop you from growing, but I can document little moments like that. And when I’m with you, I can take as many pictures as I possibly can.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Thanks for always laughing and smiling when you see me. Thanks for borrowing my phone to watch cartoons.

Hope to see you again soon. I love you.


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