Deeper Night: Fan The Flame (05/04/17)

To fan the flame of God

  1. Live a life of thankfulness and prayer.
  2. Remember what God has done for you.
  3. Be confident in who you are in Christ.
  4. Live by faith that has been tested. (Your faith is cute until it’s been tested. A faith that isn’t tested can’t be trusted. Fear will try to put your fire out, but faith will ignite it.)
  5. Know your why.
  6. Surround yourself with people who will remind you to take action.
  7. Allow the Holy Spirit to blow through your life.

Your fire is capable of damaging or purifying.

If you build your fire the wrong way, it’ll burn out really fast. If there’s no room for the Holy Spirit to blow through, it’ll go out.

Are you protecting or neglecting your flame?

Have you let something else consume your life?

If you quench gods spirit, you quench his work in your life

The biggest threat to the Holy Spirit is your apathy.

Let God do what only God can do.

Let the wind of God blow through.