The first quarter is almost over. The second quarter (April, May, June) is getting close and will bring many new adventures and opportunities. I’m sure it’ll also bring challenges as well. The key is to stay grounded: don’t get too high, don’t get too low.

There’s visions bigger than I could’ve ever imagined that are happening in my life as we speak. There’s also setbacks that continue to show up (disappointments, rejection, and self-doubt). Staying grounded through both of these though (the highs and the lows) has kept me with peace, focus, and clarity. Staying balanced with meditation, prayer, and complete stillness continues to be my refuge.

I truly believe that I have an opportunity to make an impact on this world with the gifts that God has given me: for my family, for my community, and for locations that I haven’t even seen yet. This second quarter will be the start of a lot of these opportunities. I consider these pivotal moments that’ll set the stage for my life for many years to come. Plans that I’ve had in place for a very long time, but have stayed patient as I slowly built them in the background. Timing is everything. And with time, comes a mission that has to be a daily practice. Through it all though—the past, present, and future—the mission is simple: stay sharp with my mind, with my time, with my finances, and with things that I bring into my life.

And that’s where I want to land this post. What we bring into our lives is the most underrated decision we could possibly make. I call it the art of letting go. There’s freedom in goodbyes. To people, places, things, and situations. We tend to think of this as a bad thing, but it’s a tremendous opportunity to refresh and restart. To create a blank canvas for your future. It’s that simple, but it changes everything.

I hope you can find something to let go of that’s holding you back. I’ve done it through the first quarter, and now, through the second quarter, it’ll be even more important. Close one door. Open another.

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