Daily Word Counts

I’ve been using word counts for the first time all month. I knew they existed in Ulysses, but I never found a way to implement them.

Before, I thought it had to be a set number of words (like set novel group as 30,000 words). That would never work for me as a useful tool because that number is too far away to feel motivated by it.

Instead, I’m using a daily word count that starts over each day. When I wake up, I see a little ring that are waiting to be filled. When I fill the ring up, it turns green. Simple and easily achievable.

I put small word counts for each group to match the type of goal I’m looking for.

  • Ship it! - has a word count of a 100 words a day, so I can make progress towards things for now and later that I’ll be posting on the site. A bunch of little drafts and ideas that I chip away at.
  • Shipped - has a word count of 1 because I’ll be dragging something from the ship it folder into here once it’s done, so the word count doesn’t matter. It just needs to recognize that I showed up.
  • Album - has a word count of 40 because lyrics don’t need to be a lot of words. Showing up every day to write a few lyrics could easily turn into an entire album in just a few weeks.
  • Novel - has a word count of 100 because I want the easiest route possible to show up every day on this project. Writing a book is hard, so my goal is to show up, throw some ideas into it, and walk away for the day.
  • October 2021 - has a word count of 500 words a day. All the ones mentioned above this one, live inside of this October one, so by filling up each one of those other groups, slowly causes this one to fill up as well. They’re all working together, inside of October, to reach the ultimate goal for the day.

Having this daily word count has not only kept me consistent with writing, but it’s kept me consistent in writing in multiple buckets. I’m not leaving any area behind. And because of this, as of now, I’m a few words shy of writing 16,000 words for the month so far. That’s all thanks to a daily word count.

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