Apple Watch, and the editions that follow

This moment in the podcast (I’m linking to the time stamp of what made me pause), an idea popped into my mind. What if these three different editions—Apple Watch, Apple Sport, Apple Edition—are just the beginning. Instead of only updating and focusing on these three, what if they release new editions, the way Nike releases different styles of shoes, with different names, but each name comes with its own styles and colors.

Think of Apple Watch Adventure, a name I just randomly came up with. It’s rugged, maybe a military-flat gray or green, and it’s the most durable one of them all.

Think of the different names and stories that could go along with each edition. That way, they don’t have to continue updating older editions, leaving those to be genuine and original on their own. And now, a new edition (Adventure, Pixar1, etc.) can live on its own, without the fear of getting old.

It’ll be an edition that will come and go during Apple’s focus that year—and those who purchased it will have something that’s rare 10 years from now2. And that edition will be something that collectors will seek out and spend triple the value for.

  1. This is where Apple could leverage other major companies teaming up with Apple to create a niche Watch for a new movie, album, etc. — highly unlikely, but just a quick thought.

  2. Despite that particular edition being old, the chip inside of it, can be swapped out for the S10, or whatever version Apple has currently released. Keeping the outside a rare piece of jewelry, still, with the latest technology inside of it.

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