The Growth of an Artist - Evan Holt

Several years ago, I was approached by a young kid that wanted to record at my home studio. I believe a friend introduced me to him, and explained that he’s new in town, he’s from California, and has a unique style that isn’t like the artist from around our city. The encounters I had with the locals steered me away from these type of invitations, but Evan Holt seemed different.

He wasn’t your typical hardcore rapper. He appeared sincere, funny, and even shy at times. But his creative lyrics mixed with witty simplicity, was something that intrigued me.

As he began recording songs with me, I tried teaching him everything I knew about music, from the creative side, to the business side. This kid had potential. He had the vision, but lacked the execution. I would explain to him how important a project is. I remember telling him, You can talk about how much you’re rapper all day, but if you don’t have the projects to show for it, nobody cares.”

Evan soon moved away, with his family, to Atlanta, and I’m pleased to say that he listened to my advice.

Now, Evan Holt has many projects available online, and even more on the way. He’s even doing music videos now, how crazy is that? He’s created a platform for success, by using the social networks to capture the attention of hip-hop fans around the world. As you follow his Twitter account, you’ll see him frequently retweet established websites like The Source and many others that mention him on their site.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll become famous with lots of money and be the face of every magazine, It’s possible, and definitely closer to his reach than ever before, but being an artist and creative writer isn’t always about the fame, it’s about the evolution. The growth of an artist. This shows you that you can grow, learn how to network, and establish your brand. The brand is him, Evan Holt.

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