Exchanging Watches (Series 4, 6, and 7)

A Story About Three Watches Rotating. Just Documenting the Exchange.


A month or so ago, my dad asked me about the Apple Watch. He’s far from a tech person. But he’s a carpenter. And his recent regular watch had just broke. He was curious about what the Apple Watch did, because he sees everyone wearing them. I gave him a few examples and how it could be useful for him.


Last year, I gave my brother Brayden, who’s 11, a series 4 Apple Watch. He doesn’t have a phone, and I gave him this Watch for that reason. Now he can make calls and I can keep an eye on his location, because of the Watch being cellular. Since then, it’s hit or miss if he’s wearing the watch, because of it being a Series 4, the battery doesn’t last all day, and he’s 11, so he’s not good at remembering to charge it.


A few days ago, I got myself the Series 7, the newest Watch from Apple. I had the Series 6.

Years ago, I wrote about the Apple Watch, in a very long detailed post, and I still stand by everything I said there. The Apple Watch is one, if the most important device I own. It’s always a wrist turn away from seeing anything that’s important to me.

The Exchange

I gave my dad the Series 4. It’ll give him a chance to learn about the Apple Watch. He won’t have to stop what he’s doing (put the tools down) to see who’s calling or text. This is a great introduction to the Apple Watch.

I gave my Series 6 to my little brother. He doesn’t need the power of 6, but the battery and reliability of the cellular on it makes sense for him. He needs the best battery and cell service since he doesn’t have a phone. I figured this would be the right call to make.

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