The Mask is a blanket that shields us from our insecurities. It disguises our worst flaws and attributes from even the people who love us most. The Mask is our protection, and when it’s removed, we’re completely vulnerable. The Mask allows us to have multiple identities. This gives us the advantage of using whatever face society’s willing to accept. The question I ask myself: Is the mask protecting me from the world? Or is it protecting the world from me?

Verse 1

Mask on
Looking out of my glass home
The surface is what I scratch on
Trying to dig deeper
And grab something

I’m abnormal
Got a notepad that I dab on
To make a mad song
Reflecting upon my past
About to self-destruct
Inside of this classroom

Mask on
I’m watching the world just pass on
There’s nothing but trouble
Around these parts
They're doing (beep) drugs in the bathroom

Try not to react to them
Keep a straight face
Get my act on
Trafficking, my dad’s gone
You wouldn’t know that
'Cause my mask on

Crossroads, think my path wrong
Should I turn around or keep going forward?
This déjà vu, it’s a maze I do
This sound the same as my last song

Crash course
Life colliding with passion
Task force, straight jacket on
They’re bringing me to my actual home

See it vividly
Disturbing the way my words
Create the turbulence
Emergency landing
Put your mask on.

I’m the captain when I write
Scribbling lyrics in the afterlife
The wordsmith with a gift and a trapdoor
So much English I need a backboard.


He's faceless
Brace yourself for the changes
Eyes of somebody dangerous
Devil grabbed me by my ankles
I’m dangling

Nightmare from Wes Craven
When the day ends
I'm crazy. You crazy?
Now you're speaking my language

We're both lost in translation
Bill Murray with Asians
I'm faceless. I'm faceless.
I done forgot what the (beep) myname is

Reach down and grab my ink pen
Brace yourself for the changes
This feels like military training
I'm faceless.

Verse 2

Son of a creator
Dad's a carpenter
I'm a painter
Rearrange your
Face with a piece paper
Gotta love the mind of a laser
Line them up and aim my thoughts

To you I'm a stranger
But really I'm the son of the Creator
Sunrays are
Shining down on the face of a stranger
I'm faceless. Take this.

When the bass hits nobody can save you
Darth Vader with the art paper
You in a songwriting contest
With a tornado
Crossfaders going back and forth
Left and right
See the lightning and wind is my friend
When I strike with the pen
Lift trailer parks up
Rip them apart
See the debris start spinning
A metaphor when my CD starts spinning
It's all venom, gotta keep my momentum
It's all rhythm.

Dear Heavenly Father, we're all sinning.
No Bible, we're hiding from your religion
Forget to raise our babies, too late
Now they're all women.
Sirens, gun violence, we're all killing.
You're the pilot, the driver
That identifies our itinerary
Where we're headed
You said it in your book of rhymes
It's all ending.

Neil Gaiman:

Secure your own mask before helping others. Ithink of us, all the people, and the masks we wear, the masks we hide behind and the masks that reveal.

Verse 3

What a beautiful nightmare
Pains in my sight, yea
Love doesn't fight fair

Eyes of somebody
That's done been through it all
I done been through the falls
Trials and tribulations
Got a bunch of skeletons
I been collecting them all
Pile them up inside the closet
Lean them against the wall

All these demons I keep seeing
Wish they'd leave me alone
Put my mask on and join them
Got a team full of horns

This the new version of me
I don't feel free anymore
All this hate circulating
Got the evilest thoughts

All I see is the dark
Write my way out of the maze
All I see is the art
It's like I'm feeding the sharks.

Welcome to The Mask
This is Nash
This is my autobiography.

Trapped inside of four glass walls
Take my mask off
All you see is fire in my eyes
And my skin starts dripping
As it leaks from the pencil

Write my pain away.
This is Training Day
This is my release valve.
This a beat down
This is self-defeat now.
As I try to go to sleep now
Can I breathe now?

The Mask.

No love over here.
Such a negative environment
There's drugs over here.
No hugs over here.
Just fighting, animosity
They got it out for me
Raise my velocity

Pain brought it out of me.

Ask me where it comes from?
I'm numb from it
Family dying in front of me
Feel nothing from it.
What am I becoming?

No emotions. Turning into a ghost.

Neil Gaiman:

I imagine people pretending to be what they truly are, and discovering that other people are so much more, and so much less, than they imagined themselves to be, or present themselves as. And then, I think about the need to help others, and how we mask ourselves to do it, and how unmasking makes us vulnerable. We are all wearing masks. That is what makes us interesting. These are stories about those masks, and the people we are, underneath them.

The Mask

  1. Faceless
  2. Love Ain’t Here
  3. Monster In My Head
  4. You Know I’m Crazy
  5. Psycho / Feeling Your Vibe
  6. Your Broken Heart
  7. The Uprise
  8. The Mask Started To Glow

The Mask is a blanket that shields us from our insecurities. It disguises our worst flaws and attributes from even the people that love us most. The Mask is our protection, and when it’s removed, we’re completely vulnerable. The Mask allows us to have multiple identities. This gives us the advantage of using whatever face society’s willing to accept. The question I ask myself: is the mask protecting me from the world, or is it protecting the world from me?

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