February 6, 2019

Guest Post

I released a new guest post today, from Jake Underwood. Short and sweet. I think you’ll like it.

Salads and Smoothies

For the past week, I’ve eaten salads for lunch, exercise (run or play ball) and fill my Apple Watch rings, then get a smoothie on my way home. I’ve also been lifting weights and strength training. I feel lighter, thinner, and stronger already.

Water Baptism

Tomorrow, my girlfriend is getting water baptized. I can’t wait to cheer her on. At Cross Church, there’s usually about 20 people that do this each month, and each one has their story read aloud on stage before getting baptized. It’s emotional and inspiring each time I attend. This one, of course, will be even more special.

Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass

Last night, I signed up for my favorite writer’s masterclass, Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling”. I think it’ll be a great investment to expand my knowledge on writing. Mostly, to get back to telling stories. Feels like it’s been awhile since I wrote a story.

Keep Going

Currently listening to Austin Kleon’s talk called Keep Going”, which is also based on his upcoming book. This will be the 5th time I’ve listened to this since released. Very good wisdom in this little video.

Follow the impulse to write.

Nba Trade Deadline

This is the time of year where the NBA nerd in me follows all the exiting rumors and news. Currently, it’s all about Anthony Davis leaving the Pelicans. My twitter feed has been filled with discussions on this.

Date Change for Creative Minds

Because of the parades, I won’t be able to host Creative Minds on the last Friday of this month. It’ll either have to be on the 15th, or cancel it until March. We’ll see.

Site Updates

I’ve continued to clean up the site’s look, and yesterday, I landed on its purest version yet:

  • A blue link (I’m Nash. I create things.), that when pressed, opens up the membership information
  • A box of links that cycle through each featured category

I took all the features we’ve built over the last few months, and questioned each one’s importance. If I had my choice, this is all I want shown. So I’ll try it like this for awhile.

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