Monthly Recap (February 2017)

February was a weird month for me. My mood was off, and I spent most of my days trying to return to my usual self (1, 2, 3, and 4). It was a struggle, but I’m thankful for that struggle, because the process of returning was the reward.

Thankfully—because of great friends, because of daily routines, because of my blog, and because of the way I hold myself accountable as a writer (and knowing that I’d be doing a recap at the end of the month on what I’ve been up to)—I was able to bounce back quicker than I expected.

Quote of the Month

A great challenge of life: Knowing enough to think you are right, but not knowing enough to know you are wrong. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Cross Church

My weekly routine of going to Cross Church and going to small groups was a huge help to me finding that peace again. We had a Deeper Service at the beginning of the month, we finished the Fresh Start series, and started the Love Handles series. Each one of these have been critical to my peace.


My most important post this month was the one on raising money for Bolivia. The first few days had great momentum, but I lacked the energy to keep it going all month. It’ll be a challenge to raise the full amount, but with creativity and persistence, I know that it can be done.

I also started an online garage sale, in memory of my grandma, who loved going to garage sales on Saturday mornings. I really miss her.

Around the web

Even though I didn’t create much this month, my site still thrived on all the things around the web that I enjoyed. My favorite video this month was Arrival: A Responce to Bad Movies. I love Evan Puschak’s video essays. He releases a new one every Wednesday, and it’s become something I look forward to each week. Marco Arment released Overcast 3, my podcast app of choice. This is my most used app on my phone, as podcasts are literally playing all day long. John Mayer released Wave Two, the second batch of songs from his album, The Search For Everything. As usual, he doesn’t disappoint. DeMarcus Cousins was traded to the Pelicans, making our local team more competitive. And Macklemore released a music video for his song Kevin, featuring Leon Bridges.