First Time: A Song About a Dancer, a Video Director, and the Loudest Person

I spent last night having important conversations with some friends. A dancer, a video director, and the loudest person you’ll ever meet. Throw me — the writer — into the mix, and you can about imagine how creative the conversations were. We discussed plans for the future, current projects being created, and we even had time to record a dance video. Just another night with people trying to change the world.

The average person will never understand what it’s like to be a creator. A person that lives and breathes for the next idea, but yet still has to live the typical life that society demands from us. All four of us are dealing with it: creating worlds, but still needing another job in the meantime. It’s two different lives (bliss and reality), and both are required—such an unfortunate way to go through life.

If money wasn’t an issue, and you could do anything in the world that your little heart desires, what would it be? Ok. Then why wait for it? Walk towards that direction. There will never be the right time to follow your dreams, so instead, make that time now.

First Time

And then I got home and spent the next five hours writing and recording a new song. It’s called First Time. I was finished and went to sleep around 7 AM. The sun was out and a hard night’s work was complete.

This song was inspired by a great night of conversations with friends. The lyrics follow similar topics that were discussed. Ultimately, that’s what happens: creative people inspire other creative people.

Lindsey Giroir:

It’s crazy how it goes too: all your childhood, people encourage you to follow your dreams… Then if you happen to be one of the people who’s dream isn’t built with concrete, they judge you. Or even worse, dismiss you altogether. It’s tough.

I’m fortunate enough to get paid to create beautiful portraits of people, but this is not the top for me. I have other dreams in this business, but it’s hard to get there because I have to keep earning money to live. To have the time to just create would be amazing. To quiet all the noise (or bring all the noise if that’s what helps your process), and give my brain a fucking minute to get away from the norm. That would be nice.


And here’s the videos from Pham. We recorded it in Hooter’s parking lot. I love taking the elements we have at our disposal—places and things that everyone else takes for granted—and turning them into art. Thanks, Pham, for allowing me to be a part of last night.

  1. Believe Me
  2. Isolation
  3. Livin So Loud

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