Gone Fishing - Another Disappointing Season for Chris Paul

The playoffs are still going on, and it’s far from over (Heat-Pacers, Thunder Spurs: I think Spurs will win it all this year), but for me and my Clippers, this season has come to an end—unfortunately.

Man, what a season! In the playoffs, there’s nothing worse than going home early, and honestly, I don’t know anything other than going home early. My teams have never gotten far enough to even sniff a championship.

The sad thing is, I don’t think many people can relate to this feeling: they jump ship to the new-hottest team before it gets bad, avoiding dissapointment, that way, they’ll always having a winning team to brag about. Sounds like cheating.

But for me, chalk this up as another year that Chris Paul is at home watching his competition move on to victory. It’s a very empty feeling to obsessively follow a team for a year, and then, before I can stop cheering and pulling for a win, it’s over. The players walk off the court, stunned, and everyone comes to the realization that there’s no more seconds on the clock. I grabbed my bag and drove home in silence.

This year stings more than years prior, mainly because there were no excuses this time around: the Clippers had a great team (CPs best thus far), full of depth in all areas, and after dominating most of the year, that still wasn’t enough for them to beat the elite teams.

Chris Paul. I can picture him adding another tally to the Ringless Chalkboard, and it hurts. 10 years in the league, and still … nothing. Sounds like someone that’s underachieving, at least that’s what the media wants you to think.

But I look around him; I see all the competition he’s up against. He’s not losing to push-overs. The Warriors could’ve advanced to Round 2 and nobody would’ve been surprised. Whoever loses out of the Spurs and the Thunder, I doubt they’ll look back at their season and feel more successful than the Clippers do—going home is going home, no matter what round you’re in. My point is, when the Western Conference is this deep, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, somebody has to go home early. It just sucks that it has to be my team.

The media hounded Chris Paul for losing to the Thunder, treating him as if he’s retiring during the off-season, and now, it’s all over for him. Chris Paul has become Cliff Paul, and he will never have another chance at an NBA title, his new job is to strictly sell insurance.

This isn’t the case at all. Even though he’s a year older and is struggling to stay healthy for an entire season, I see a player who is still dominating each game he steps on the court for. Check the record books, he’s breaking each one in his way, and when it’s all said and done, I still believe he’ll walk away as a champion.

Look around at his team, he’s playing with some real talent, the best he’s ever had—and it’s only getting better. Doc Rivers just arrived. Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan are finally giving Paul the help he went to Los Angeles for in the first place. This team is still growing and will only get deeper. With the supporting cast they currently have on the roster, and another offseason for Doc Rivers to add new players, I expect an even more dominant Clipper’s team next year.

But this is all talk, nothing I say right now even matters, at least not to you, the reader. It’s just me, the die-hard fan, giving myself high-hopes for the upcoming season. Letting the fanatic in me sleep better at night by telling myself everything will be fine. All the doubters will apologize next year, just watch.

Until then, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the playoffs, all while attempting to tune out the noise, one Fair Weather Fan at a time.

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