Adam Silver Could Eliminate Conference Seeding

I woke up this morning to the ESPN app alerting me with some interesting news. It looks like the commissioner is planning to strengthen the playoffs by making the best 16 teams enter the bracket, regardless of what conference you’re in.

I argued for this last year:

The unfortunate side of the playoffs is that good teams have to go home. The Warriors, Grizzlies, or even the Suns are teams that should still be fighting for the championship. I truly believe that this could all be fixed by removing the conferences, similar to college basketball, where there’s no East vs West.

Here’s what ESPN had to say:

The Western Conference has had a decided edge over the Eastern Conference for quite some time, especially this season with it having 10 of the league’s best 16 records.

Silver said he’d be willing to talk to the league’s competition committee about a plan in which the six division winners would receive automatic berths and the remaining 10 playoff positions would be determined by overall record, regardless of conference affiliation.

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