Getting Through the Fog

For weeks, months, and almost a year now, there’s been fog clouding my life: in my thoughts, direction, relationships, purpose, and heart. It feels like a never-ending season of uncertainty. During these moments, the fog blocks all clarity, and all I want at that time is to simply see again.

It comes in waves: one day is amazing, another day is miserable — polar opposites, absolutes, with no in-between balance — and yet nothing changed in my circumstances to cause these outcomes. It arrives and then eventually passes throughout each day, throughout each week. Without a warning. Without a goodbye. When inside of the fog, it’s all I think about. But when it leaves, I forget it was even there.

The point is: When we feel some type of discomfort, we magnify it and dwell on it. When the fog is gone, we take that comfort for granted. So when there’s clarity and peace in your life, remember to be thankful for those days, acknowledging the good things around you. And when things are bad, remember that the fog will eventually leave, just like it always has.

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