What Freedom Looks Like

Freedom Looks Different to All of Us. Here’s What It Currently Looks Like to Me.

Step 1: Decision

The Decision to Say Goodbye to My Car on the Left, to Get the Car on the Right. It Took a Lot of Decisions to Make This Happen.

Step 2: Freedom

This Is What Freedom Looks Like. It’s Old and Loud and Beautiful and Paid Off. the Amount of Money I’m Saving Per Month Now Is Incredible.

Step 3: What’s Next

A Grom for Everyday. the Little Green Car Will Be for Rainy Days.

For Years Now, I’ve Continued to Find New Ways to Simplify My Life. This Is the Newest Way. There Are Still Many More Ways to Come, That I’ll Explain at a Later Time.

The Quickest Way to Get a Raise on Your Paycheck Is to Shrink Your Cost of Living. Getting Down to the Bare Minimum Is the End-Goal, and Today Brings Me That Much Closer.


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